Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 19

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 19

“Yes” was all she said, as i held her, feeling the warmth of her body next to mine.

I had woken with the sound of my phone vibrating, my wake-up call from my security, for our work out run. Kat lay next to me, naked refreshed from our shower before we had finally got to sleep, sound asleep still. 
I moved quietly, naked, getting out of bed, walking into the walk-in dressing room, changing into my sweat pants, t-shirt and sand-shoes. 

I walked back into the bedroom, picking up my watch that lay on the side table putting it on, the vibrator laying on the side table next to Kat… making me smile, thinking about last night, the most incredible night of lovemaking, experiencing new highs with Kat, the women i loved with all my being.

I made my way out of the bedroom, down the hallway, to the lounge then to the kitchen. My security detail seated at the table waiting.

“Good morning.” I say, as i greet them all.

“Good morning Edward, this is Antonio.” Jarrod my head of security says. Antonia extended his hand for me to shake.

“Good to meet you Antonio, Jarrod has filled you in on everything.” I say shaking his hand, then taking a water from the refrigerator.

“Yes Mr Grey.” He replies.

“We will have a meeting when we get back.” I say to the three of them.

“I have instructed Antonio to stay with Christoph, to get to know the ropes a little better while we train sir, is that is OK?” Jarrod says.

“Yes of course Jarrod, that’s your job, you are in charge.”

“Kaitlin is still sound asleep, i don’t expect her to wake until i get back.” I say.

“Did you want us to return to the other department My Grey, or stay here?” Christoph asks.

“The other apartment is fine; there are cameras outside the apartment, in the foyer.”

My security nodded, acknowledging my requests, then Jarrod and i left walking to the elevator with my other security, Christoph and Antonio, both of them Italian. 
I was fluent in Italian, French, i spoke fairly good Chinese, my mother and father encouraged new languages, hiring staff that that we could learn from, converse with. Chinese is something i had learned at school, my father did a lot of business with foreign business men so it came in handy.

“Jarrod had been with my family for a number of years, he was thirty two years old, and had been my security detail for six years, Christoph had been with me for three years; he was twenty six, this was Antonio’s his first day.

Jarrod and i made our way down in the elevator, silence between us until we get to the ground floor. “I have taken care of all the arrangements as you requested sir; we have to be at the airport by 11.00AM tomorrow.” Jarrod says as we now enter the lobby of our exclusive penthouse building.

“Good morning Mr Grey… good morning Jarrod.” The two young women manning the desk say as we both enter, smiling away.

I look away from Jarrod acknowledging them with a smile. “Good morning.”

“Good morning” Jarrod says, not letting them distract him from his duties.

“Thank you Jarrod, everything is a surprise…. Kaitlin knows none of the plans, and i need it to stay that way. Christoph and Antonio are aware of this, the flight crew, everyone?”

“Yes, they know sir.”

“Did the packages arrive safe at my parent’s estate, no problems?” i ask as we walk across the road to the water’s edge to the running path.

“Yes everything was delivered securely sir, and awaiting your arrival this morning.”

We did our normal stretches, warming up, then we began our jog, i exercised five days a week, mixing it up, jogging, martial arts kick boxing. 
Weekends Kaitlin and i did things together, horse riding, my father and i keen polo players; my father has his own team. Kaitlin a keen horse person, she had been riding since she was four and as now learning the sport of polo as well.
We went sailing, weather permitting, skiing in the winter, i loved the outdoors so did Kat. But this holiday, was our real first holiday together, we had weekends away, but not a real holiday, and i wanted it to be incredible, and i was doing whatever it took to make it so.

We arrived back at the apartment; we had jogged for an hour. “Give us an forty minutes…. then meet back in our apartment, for a briefing, my mother is making breakfast for everyone.” I say to Jarrod.

“Yes of course sir.” Jarrod says nodding then leaving for the apartment where our security was set up and lived.

I walked inside our apartment…. quietly, i grabbed a water from the fridge, gulping down half the bottle on my way to the bedroom….. Kat still sound asleep.

I kicked off my shoes, socks and t-shirt, wet with perspiration, then kneeling over Kat, kissing her naked back exposed to me, the sheets just covering the cheeks of her bottom.

I moved my hands down her body, still kissing as i went, to each buttock cheek kissing them, her body stirred, she opened her eyes, smiling then closing them again.

“Good morning baby, i say kissing her on the neck.”

“Mmm. Good morning; keep doing what you were doing... that was so nice.” Kat whispers, still waking.

“You like that?”

“Yes i love that.” Kat says as i begin again moving my mouth over her neck so softly kissing it, my hands moving down her thighs, as i begin my slow decent with my mouth down her body once more.

“God yes…. please, yes.” She says softly moaning.

“Turn over.” I say….. whispering softly at her ear.

“Kat slowly rolls over, i pull off my sweat pants and jersey boxers all in one…laying naked half on her body, one hand caressing her breast, the other hand pushing her legs slowly apart moving up between her inner thighs.

Kat pushes her pelvis forward, her hands twisting the sheets between her fingers, moaning, whimpering at my touch. 
My mouth now on her flesh, between her inner thighs, tasting her, caressing her with my tongue, lascivious moving slowly around her flower, i could feel the build of her pending orgasm.

“Baby…god” Kat whimpers.

“I stop… my mouth moving to hers, kissing her lips, sharing the taste of her, on her mouth.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“More don’t stop; i want more… then you.” Kat says with almost a whisper....she opens her eyes, slowly, then closing them again. My mouth now caressing her flower all over again.

“Baby, yes….. Kat whimpers, louder, her hips pushing into my mouth, her pelvis thrusting forward again. Crying out as her orgasm takes over. 
I taste her nectar, then moving to her mouth, kissing her, letting her taste her honey, then lowering my body onto hers, inside of her…... Kat wrapping her legs tightly around me.

Whimpering... wanting with desire, her body, pushing into mine, her hands grabbing at my flesh, squeezing my bottom into her hands, pushing my body into hers, her nails, talons embedding deep into my flesh; arousing me…watching her lose herself once more.

Hearing her cries of ecstasy, feeling her body…quivering with her orgasm, my body moving faster; then crying out her name, as i lose control, cumming with her…our hearts beating veraciously…. thumping so loudly.
My mouth now resting on her cheek, feeling the warmth of her breath on mine, as we stilled together.

“God you are so beautiful to watch, to hear.” I say kissing her lips, watching as she opened her eyes to see me.

“I like hearing you also, watching you. I liked your wake up call.” Kat says softly. I moved my body off hers to the side, pulling her naked body into mine holding her.

“I like my version of a wake-up call also, and i also liked…No loved last night... and yesterday afternoon…. especially last night.” I say, smiling, kissing her nose.

“Me too….you can do that to me any time you like… in fact i insist you do.”

“Oh you insist.” i laugh. 

“quite the bossy miss… sexy angel aren’t we…but who am i to refuse such an offer.” I grin teasing her.
I couldn’t take the smile off my face remembering last night, it was incredible.

“God…. look at the time babe” I say surprised, looking at the clock on the side dresser.

“We have to get up, we need to shower and get going.” I slap Kat on the bottom, making her squeal, climbing off the bed, standing, holding my hand out for her to take…grinning.

I had dried wrapping a bath sheet around my waist, Kat was still finishing up in the shower. I walked out to the kitchen to get a drink from the refrigerator, my security had already arrived sitting waiting.

“Sorry guys, we are running late, a bit side tracked.” I grin, trying to make a light hearted
joke…. if they had been here awhile, they would have heard us for sure.

“That’s fine Edward” Jarrod grins along with Christoph and Antonio.

“Won’t be long... help yourself to the fridge.” I say, then i leave back to the bedroom.

“Kat was in the bedroom, a towel wrapped around her chest, her clothes laid out on the bed…. her riding clothes and a bag with spare clothes for after, to change into.

I handed her my water. She took a long drink, then smiling at me, i knew that look.

“OH no you don’t, we don’t have time babe…. besides, our security have been here for some time waiting.” Kat’s cheeks went quite flushed.

“They heard us?” she asks

“Yes babe, they would have heard us.” i walk to the dressing room taking my towel off on the way, teasing Kat, throwing the towel at her.

“Get dressed babe, we are late.” I look over my shoulder grinning.

Kat follows me into the dressing room. “Look in the mirror, now turn and look at your back.” She says with a huge grin.

I do as she asks. “What the fuck…babe…i think i was attacked by a tigress through the night.”

“Sorry…i had no idea i did that.” Kat’s says embarrassed.

“Its fine babe…. don’t be embarrassed, i love your passion, losing yourself like that, i have the battle scars…they are a very sexy reminder of last night.” I say kissing her.

We had finally both dressed into our riding clothes, riding pants, long black leather boots, t-shirts. I had packed a bag for after to change into, since i was going straight into the city to run errands.

We both walked out into the dining room, the guys all grinning. I looked at them frowning; they took the smiles of their faces.

“Good morning Miss Kaitlin, Jarrod and Christoph said.”

“Kat this is Antonio, our new team addition.” I say with my hand around Kat’s waist, knowing she felt awkward, that our security had heard us making love.

“Good morning Miss Kaitlin, so nice to meet you.” Antonio says.

“Good morning everyone, nice to meet you also Antonio.” Kat says her cheeks a little rosy... i lean in and kiss her on the cheek.

“We don’t have time, for a meeting, we will have to do it later.” I say.

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