Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 14

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 14

“I did, it’s lucky that i have a quick recovery rate. What about our food, it will be here in half an hour, and i am starving.” I say.
“We have half an hour to fill in with foreplay, so that then leaves only three and a half hours left for the rest after dinner. Besides your security can bring up the order when it arrives, can’t they?”

“Mmm, you are being a very naughty angel; yes they can bring up the food and put it in the kitchen. I think i can manage to conjure up the strength for half an hour of foreplay, before sustenance arrives to build up my strength, for the rest of the night.” i say with a laugh, pulling off my sweat pants, pulling back the doona, now naked with Kat.

“Just let me give Jarrod a call, for instructions.” I reached to the side table for my mobile phone giving Jarrod one of my two man security team a call, asking them to bring up the food when it was delivered, it had been paid for.

My father had insisted on security for my sister and me. My father was Bill Gates rich, worth around one hundred and fifty billion dollars, and there was always some nut case making threats against him and his family. My sister Sutton had a two man crew as did I. I bought two apartments in the same building as ours, where security was set up in one, also living there. Our building was new, so when apartments came on the market i bought up also, when Kaitlin’s parents bought hers, besides it was a smart investment, the apartments were always going to go up in value. I had a large investment portfolio, shares and property; my father had taught me how to invest wisely.  Having security around now didn’t faze me, the downside they would be coming on holidays with us also.

My father and mother were also a little over protective since my twin brother Allister died, he was ten years old. We were identical twins, my father was at work, my mother inside making lunch with our cook, i was outside in the woods playing with my brother. Our property vast, fifteen acres, we had horses and stables as well. One minute i am chasing my brother playing, the next he had fallen to the ground, shaking, his eyes strange. I thought he was playing at first, shaking him, telling him to get up. Then i realized there was something wrong. I screamed for help, one of the grounds men heard me, came rushing over, it was too late, my brother died in front of me.

I have never forgotten that day, Roger our grounds-men picking my up my brother Allister, carrying his limp body up to the house. My mother screaming, crying with anguish, holding him in her arms, sobbing into his face, tears fell down my face watching her, holding onto her, myself also grieving the loss of my brother. Dad was told by one of our security, he rushed home, the look on my dad’s face; it’s the only time i have ever seen him cry, and be absolutely devastated. The doctors said my brother had a seizure; it was just something that happened, no one’s fault. I think that’s why i wanted to be a doctor so much, because of my brother, losing my twin, also a part of me that day. My father and my mother became so protective of my sister Sutton and me, from that day on.

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